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DIY Crib

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Since we found out we were pregnant (maybe even before), we knew we wanted to build our baby’s crib. Of course we I had my doubts. Would it be safe enough? What would we finish it with that would be safe for baby? Would it even look good? Psh… c’mon – I knew the answer to that last one.

I started by searching different styles of cribs on Pinterest and even DIY cribs to see if I could get any tips from other DIYers. I came across Back to Domestic’s DIY Cribs and loved the style. This style of crib looked like it could be built using the same general technique we used for our DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed, which gave me the confidence I needed to move forward.

DIY Small Nursery Bookshelf |

DIY Mini Nursery Bookshelf

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Happy New Year, and what a year it will be! 2014 was a great year for us and it’s hard to believe 2015 will be even better! As we’ve been waiting on the arrival of our baby boy, we’ve been working hard on projects for the nursery. With frequent trips out of town on the weekends, time at home is sparse and the projects are taking longer than we like.

For Thanksgiving, we traveled to Georgia to spend time with my family. The weather was good for the most part, but I was thrilled when a rainy day turned into a project day in my dad’s workshop. Being the tool nerd that he is, my dad has a nicely stocked workshop, which is something I could get used to.

Easy DIY Color Block Candle Holder |

Easy Color-block Candleholder

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Last weekend Kurt and I were finally at home together for the WHOLE weekend. We’ve been pretty busy lately so a weekend at home is hard to come by. I, of course, had to do some sort of project and luckily there was a super easy one I had been concocting in my head. Often times, we have scraps of wood lying around from previous projects. I had my eye on a leftover piece of 4×4 post from our DIY Pottery Barn bed. A few different ideas ran through my head, but ultimately I decided it would make the perfect color-blocked candleholder for our bathroom window sill.

DIY Farmhouse Bedside Table |

DIY Farmhouse Bedside Tables

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After Kurt and I surprised ourselves by successfully building our very own Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed, matching bedside tables were subsequently added to our long list of home projects. This new to do task was pushed to the bottom of the list as we already had bedside tables but a girl can only look at laminate furniture for so long. So on Memorial Day Weekend, while everyone we know had plans of vacationing, we had plans for farmhouse bedside tables by Here is a picture of our Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed with mismatching laminate nightstands. These nightstands have been reunited with their matching headboard in our guest bedroom… I plan on painting the whole set eventually.