Refinished Child's Armoire |

Refinished Child’s Armoire

DIY, Home

There’s nothing I love more than a hand-me-down piece of furniture that has been in the family for years. Sure, I love to refinish any old thing, but knowing the story behind a piece really makes the end product that much more fulfilling.

This past fall, after announcing our pregnancy to our family, Kurt’s Mimi and Pappa were quick to offer an old child’s armoire they had stowed away in their back shed. Knowing the size of our nursery, which is not big at all, I highly doubted anything else would fit, especially an armoire, which in my head was huge. A couple months later, we made the trip to their house for Christmas and we finally got to rest our eyes on the child’s armoire that had once been Mimi’s.

Easy DIY Color Block Candle Holder |

Easy Color-block Candleholder

DIY, Home

Last weekend Kurt and I were finally at home together for the WHOLE weekend. We’ve been pretty busy lately so a weekend at home is hard to come by. I, of course, had to do some sort of project and luckily there was a super easy one I had been concocting in my head. Often times, we have scraps of wood lying around from previous projects. I had my eye on a leftover piece of 4×4 post from our DIY Pottery Barn bed. A few different ideas ran through my head, but ultimately I decided it would make the perfect color-blocked candleholder for our bathroom window sill.

Effortless Succulents |

Effortless Succulents

DIY, Home, Yard

I’ll never forget the first time I saw succulents… It was my cousin’s wedding. She and her fiance were to be married in their new home, though there was hardly anything new about it. Their New Orleans home was in the process of being rennovated after enduring Hurricane Katrina.

Their front room had countless glass globes hanging from the ceiling, each holding a succulent from the groom’s native California. How awesome, right? I loved the way they looked – their thick, pillowy leaves were very distinct and with little soil around them it was apparent they required very little upkeep.