Nursery Reveal (10 months later)


I’m almost embarrassed to say how long it has taken me to post our completed nursery. Our sweet baby boy is now 9 1/2 months and all I can say is WOW, they weren’t lying when they said it goes by fast. The delay of this post wasn’t due to a lack of excitement… oh no. I love the way Beau’s outdoor themed nursery turned out. Lack of sleep, maybe? Nah… we got used to that. You see, there was one FINAL piece that needed to be completed. One crucial item that without it NO nursery is complete and therefore cannot be posted. Crib? Done. Dresser? Done. Armoire? Done… Okay, I’ll just come right out and say it. It was a lampshade. Let that sink in…A lampshade. Somehow I was capable of completing every other task while huge and pregnant but when it came to the lampshade, nothing. Actually, we couldn’t find a lampshade to fit the lamp my mom had given us. Until one glorious trash day our neighbors put a small lamp on the side of the road to be tossed. Kurt called me on his way to work, “Babe, there is a lamp out at the neighbor’s… GO GET YOUR SHADE!” I’m embarrassed (AGAIN) to say I did. I walked my butt over there, with the dog of course, picked it up and ran home. Legitimately ran. Anyways, here is our nursery completed, lampshade and all 🙂


“Hey guys! Welcome to my room!”


This dresser was purchased at a garage sale for $50. I painted the entire piece with flat latex paint and the sides of his dresser with chalkboard paint. He’ll be able to have fun drawing on it when he’s older (with chalk only, lets hope). For now, he just likes to smear whatever is on there!


I take Beau’s monthly pics using the hanging chalkboard. After the pic, I hang it back on the wall with the number still on it, tiny fingerprints and all 🙂 The frames, fish, and chalkboard are from Hobby Lobby and the galvanized letter ornaments are from Michael’s.

I made the changing pad cover (complete with convenient zipper) with a gray wooden print fabric from Hobby Lobby.


Ahh, the infamous lampshade… I originally wanted to use wooden paint stirrers to make the shade but I couldn’t find my hot glue gun so I settled for torn fabric strips tied to both ends of the shade. It ended up matching Beau’s quilt perfectly.


My mom made this bear! Can you believe it? She’s got some serious talent.


I loved incorporating elements from my baby shower into his room. This is the “Mommie” tag I wore made by my sweet friend, Fran.


Kurt made the shelf out of scrap wood we had laying around. I bought he duck, fish, and deer hooks at The Royal Standard in Baton Rouge, LA.

The paper and twine banners are another element taken from my baby shower, made by my mother-in-law! Every day is a party in B’s room with these.


This “Common Freshwater Fish of Louisiana” poster used to hang in my grandparent’s camp on Blind River, LA before it was torn down. Some of my favorite childhood memories involved that camp. I love being able to tie a piece of that into Beau’s room.

The antler tote was a shower gift from Ballard Designs.


This wing-back chair was a hand-me-down from Kurt’s parents. After reupholstering it, we made it a rocking chair by cutting out our own runners. I have to say, this chair is SO comfortable. I love rocking my baby to sleep at night. Check out the DIY Pottery Barn Rocking Chair post here!

The deer mount is from Hobby Lobby. It was originally all gold, but I spray painted the head with glossy white paint. It acts as Beau’s hat hanger.



The child’s Armoire (in the middle) was Kurt’s grandmother’s as a child. We repaired a broken drawer, sanded it down and refinished/repainted it. I love the way it turned out. Check out the Refinished Child’s Armoire post here!



This super cute galvanized metal and chicken wire shelf is from Hobby Lobby.


His “First Year” photo frame, two months behind 🙂



Channeling my inner Joanna Gaines by decorating with crayons 🙂





This is our most popular DIY to date, our DIY Crib! We had a lot of fun building this for our baby boy and it is so rewarding to see him sleep ALLLLL night in it! If you want your baby to sleep through the night, build our DIY crib! Just kidding. But seriously, he sleeps great. Check out our DIY Crib post, here!

The bumper and crib skirt are from Pottery Barn (outlet). The quilt was handmade by my mom and given to me at my baby shower along with the grey bear and several handmade burp clothes… I love them all!!



My mom handcrafted the fish and ducks mobile, too!


“I hope you guys enjoyed the tour!”



“Alright, now get outta my room!”


4 thoughts on “Nursery Reveal (10 months later)

  1. I fell in love with this diy crib before I even knew I was pregnant. My husband’s dad is very crafty & talented when it comes to building things so when we announced we were pregnant I immediately knew this would be his next project. It turned out AMAZING! We’re expecting our baby girl to be here late January to the first week of February. Her bedding arrived & I was going to put it on & realized the bedskirt didn’t fall like with normal store bought cribs because there isn’t a gap, so my question is how did you get the bedskirt to fall to the floor like in your pictures? Thanks

    1. Hi, Savannah! I’m glad you love your crib as much as we do! The crib skirt I purchased has 4 separate panels (1 panel per side), so each panel is able to fall where the mattress support is not attached to the crib. If the skirt you purchased is 1 solid piece of fabric (with connected corners) then it won’t be able to fall correctly unless the mattress support is in the lowest position (where it doesn’t need to be screwed in place). Hope this makes sense!

  2. You have given me all kinds of envy here! I’m nearly 4 months along so it’s time to plan the nursery! My other half is so good at working with wood so we’re going to be taking full advantage of your DIY crib tutorial, and I have got so much inspiration from your nursery as a whole! I LOVE that it is all quite neutral and super classic, definitely the look I’m going for. Thanks so much!

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