Our best DIY to date | DIYstinctlymade.com

Our biggest DIY to date


Man oh man, has it been awhile? This year, filled with DIY projects galore, has absolutely flown by. I haven’t posted in quite a while, as our lives tend to get a little more hectic during college football season with frequent weekend trips back to Baton Rouge. But don’t you worry… We’ve got SEVERAL projects that are in the process of making it to the blog.

One of our biggest DIY projects, that hasn’t officially made it’s blog debut, started brewing in July and made itself known (to us) in August 🙂

Our best DIY to date | DIYstinctlymade.com

That’s right! We’re expecting our little baby in April of 2015. Along with the excitement, fears, and questions that are a definite when finding out your life is about to change forever, came a new area of projects for us to get cracking on. But FIRST, the paint.

I had an inkling I was pregnant from very early on. After taking a pregnancy test that resulted in a negative, Kurt and I decided to wait a few days until the weekend to take another. Your hormones double everyday in early pregnancy, so after a few days it was more likely we’d get the positive I knew was coming. Let me tell you… waiting is hard. I wanted to go buy 029385235 tests and take them every hour until I got a positive. But Kurt wouldn’t let me. He didn’t want me to spend a fortune on pregnancy tests… go figure. After 3 very long days, Saturday morning finally came. I woke up and immediately went to the bathroom. Less than 3 minutes later, there it was – a very faint second line… PREGNANT.

After getting a positive, you may wonder what we did next. Did we lay around basking in the glory of our little blessing that was growing in my belly? Thank god for fertility so many people pray for? Freak out wondering what the hell kind of parents we’re going to be? Well of course. But once Lowe’s opened at 8am, we went to buy paint for the nursery. I’m crazy, so of course I wanted to get started on the nursery right away. We chose Valspar’s Wave Crest, a gender-neutral pale green/gray. Because Valspar paint is very low VOC, I could get in on the action without worrying about harming baby.

Valspar Wave's Crest | Available at Lowe's | DIYstinctlyMade.com

Gender Neutral Nursery Paint Color | DIYstinctlymade.com

Gender Neutral Nursery Paint Color | DIYstinctlymade.com

We’ve been working hard on several other projects for the nursery. Changing table, bookshelf, crib, wingback rocker, ALL are in the works. And picking colors is much easier now that we know the gender of Baby Boehr (pronounced ‘bear’)….

Baby Boy due April 2015 | DIYstinctlymade.com

Baby Boy at 20 weeks| DIYstinctlyMade.com

We’re super excited for our little hunting/fishing buddy 🙂

Stay tuned for more DIYstinctlyMade, or should I say, DIYstinctlyBaby projects to come!


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