DIY Barrel Planters |

Barrel Planters

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When we first bought our house I wanted to spruce up our curb appeal with some big planters. The front of our house has 3 french doors and I thought it’d be nice to frame the “real” front door.

First I had to find the perfect pots. I shopped around multiple stores to find the perfect pots that were big enough to hold multiple plants… that’s when I realized planters are EXPENSIVE! Really? $60 for 1 pot thats not even ceramic? No thanks.

I didn’t have my heart set on one particular type or style of planter so when I saw Jack Daniel’s barrels at Lowe’s for $25 a piece I knew that’s what it’d be. I’m all for rustic charm anyways.

We planted each barrel with a Gardenia Topiary in the middle. These smell absolutely amazing when they bloom and are the perfect “welcome” when our guests enter through the front door. In the back of the barrels (against the house), we planted two different types of Caladiums, white and pink… I’m sure each variety has a specific name but I don’t know what they are. These are the perfect middle height plant for our shady pots and their leaves give added patterns/texture. As the low height, weeping plant, we planted potato vine in green and purple. These don’t actually grow potatoes, it’s simply the name. I LOVE the vibrancy of the green variety and the deep purple of the other.

These pots are pretty low maintenance requiring a watering once a week.

DIY Barrel Planters |

DIY Barrel Planters |

DIY Barrel Planters |

DIY Barrel Planters |

DIY Barrel Planters |

DIY Barrel Planters |


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