Recessed & Under-Cabinet Lighting |

Recessed & Under-Cabinet Lighting

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Last week I was thrilled to have my parents, aka. “the nuggets,” come to Alexandria and stay with us. The last time they came to our house was November, for the birth of my niece, and since then the projects for my dad had piled up.

If you know my dad, you know that he is incredibly smart and handy. Wood working, tiling, electrical work… you name it, he can do it. I grew up shadowing him and helping with projects around the house. He’s a quiet man so just having the time together was enjoyable to me. I didn’t realize how much I was actually learning during those projects but I realize it now. I do the home projects I’m comfortable with, but one thing I leave for my dad (for now at least) is electrical work.

DIY Farmhouse Bedside Table |

DIY Farmhouse Bedside Tables

DIY, Home

After Kurt and I surprised ourselves by successfully building our very own Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed, matching bedside tables were subsequently added to our long list of home projects. This new to do task was pushed to the bottom of the list as we already had bedside tables but a girl can only look at laminate furniture for so long. So on Memorial Day Weekend, while everyone we know had plans of vacationing, we had plans for farmhouse bedside tables by Here is a picture of our Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed with mismatching laminate nightstands. These nightstands have been reunited with their matching headboard in our guest bedroom… I plan on painting the whole set eventually.