DIY Homegrown Avocado |

DIY Homegrown Avocados

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Before the times of Pinterest and immediate access to thousands of DIY ideas, there was Rita (my mother). Craft magazines filled her sewing room resembling the first glimpse at what Pinterest would “soon” capitalize on (and we sure are glad they did!). Rita, also known as “The Nugget” for her short, nuggety stature, is the whole reason that have an ounce of craftiness.  There was always a project going on in our household. I would look forward to the next time I had to stay home from being sick because that meant we were sewing… I think she enjoyed me staying home. She knew she had someone to craft with. Not only is she an amazing crafts-woman, but she has an insane green thumb as well. It seems anything and everything she touches will grow.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m posting about one my favorite, easiest DIY projects that you can be sure to find in my childhood home – Homegrown Avocados! My mom has been doing this for years and as a result, has some beautiful plants.

Finding the “Right” Avocado Seed

Kurt and I LOVE avocados. The texture, the taste, the nutritional value; what’s not to love? When it comes to finding the “right” seed to sprout, there are a couple of things to look for. Sure, you can try every seed you get, but there are some little guys that will take off faster than the rest. These seeds split in half when sprouting and sometimes you can see this crack already starting when you cut your delicious avocado – USE IT! This is a great one! I’ve even gotten a seed that was already shooting a root, well DUH this is a great one! I tend to stay away from the tiny little seeds… I just don’t have much faith that they’ll produce a nice big plant.

What You’ll Need to Sprout Your Own Avocado Tree

  • 1 Haas Avocado
  • 1 Knife
  • 3 Toothpicks
  • 1 Glass jar
  • Water

How to Sprout Your Avocado Seed

Slice your Avocado in half by running your knife lengthwise down the fruit and around the seed. Once you’ve extracted the seed from the avocado half, rinse it and begin peeling the brown layer off of the seed.  This layer if much easier to peel when it is saturated. If you’ve saved a few seeds and they’ve dried out, just run them under the faucet to reconstitute the skin.

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

After you’ve got the seed peeled, insert 3 toothpicks halfway down the seed, equidistant apart. Be sure to avoid the visible crack (whether its opening or not, you’ll see it). The seed may have some trouble opening when sprouting if there is a toothpick through it.

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

Place the seed in a clear glass container, ex: mason jar or in my case a pint glass, and place in a sunny place – the sunnier the better! I like to start mine at work since my kitchen window doesn’t get as much sun. Fill the glass until the seed is halfway in the water.

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

Some seeds grow faster than others… some never grow at all, so you may have to try a few times. Once your plant grows to be 8-10 it is good to plant in a pot. I live in Louisiana so our climate is extremely hot and humid in the summer… let me tell you, these guys LOVE it! I’ve read that all producing Avocados have been grafted so your homegrown avocado tree probably won’t produce any fruit BUT they make really cool trees!

Remember that nugget I was telling you about? Rita? Yeah, this is ONE of her numerous avocado trees.

DIY Homegrown Avocado |

I don’t have any this amazing, yet. I lost mine this winter during our FREAK snowy freezes. So don’t forget to bring your plants inside during those cold winter months! These are tropical plants and they prefer to stay warm!

Happy sprouting and Happy Mother’s day to the best damn momma around – love you nugget 🙂

DIY Homegrown Avocado |


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