DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed


After the yard, the next thing we focused on was our bed. We’ve always dreamed of having a bed big enough for us to each spread out in without touching each other. Romantic, I know, but I’m sorry… our bodies radiate heat. I surfed the internet and pinned bed frames I liked but kept coming back to the same Pottery Barn King Bed. Being the cheapos we are, we didn’t exactly want to pay for the oh-so-trendy $1,600 name-brand bed I had my eye on.

I started searching DIY projects on Pinterest and came across a DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed – PERFECT! Turns out there are pdf instructions for all sorts of furniture at This website is awesome!

*UPDATE: I’ve gotten a lot of requests for links to the plans since they have become a little harder to find… here ya go!

I downloaded the pdf and sent it to Kurt hoping/praying he would be up for the challenge. Surprisingly, he was!

On the next available weekend we headed to Sam’s to buy our mattress. We wanted to have the mattress first so that we could adjust measurements accordingly. The mattress was $650 – not bad at all for a super comfortable pillow top king mattress and box springs. Next we stopped by Lowe’s with our list of supplies and picked out our pieces of wood. I was on the hunt for beautiful pieces with several knots and character – Kurt said that normally people don’t want those pieces. ARE THEY CRAZY?! Yes… yes they are. While we were at Lowe’s we found ourselves in a mini-dilemma – We couldn’t find non-pressure treated 4×4 for our posts. We called around to see if anyone in town carried those but we were out of luck. Lowe’s pressure-treated 4x4s were very green, so we headed to Home Depot and bought them there (once everything was sanded and stained you couldn’t see the difference). Typically pressure treated wood is used outdoors because of the chemicals that are used to preserve the wood, but after doing to some research I found that there have been fairly recent restrictions put on the types of chemicals that are used in commercial pressure treated wood which make it “okay” to use indoors IF you seal it properly. If you choose to used pressure treated wood, be sure to wear a respirator when sawing/sanding to prevent inhalation. ** Please note I am no expert – I recommend doing your own research on the use of pressure treated wood indoors. Non treated wood is, of course, the best option.**

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

We decided to add 3 inches to the height of the head board panels and 5 inches to the height of the foot board panels because I wanted our bedding to fall just below the foot board, not the other way around. We had a saw, a drill, and some wood glue…that’s it. No saw horses, no clamps, no nail gun or compressor. We’re not experts, we’re cheap, remember? We made do using our boat trailer as a sawhorse… DIYstinctly Creative!

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

It was an interesting process and we definitely learned how well we work together. I was gluing and squeezing pieces together as Kurt screwed and nailed the boards together. We lined up the vertical pieces of wood that would make up the head board and foot board keeping the location of knots in mind. Next we sandwiched the vertical pieces in between the horizontal pieces and started attaching them together. We used screws on the back of the bed and finishing nails on the front – we figured the screws would help pull and hold everything together better.

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

Next we attached the posts to the sides of the head board and foot board. Our bed was starting to come together!

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

The last pieces to attach were the toppers that covered the raw edges of the vertical pieces. Once these were attached, we filled gaps with wood filler, sanded, and moved onto the patio to stain! (Gotta love the landscaping :))

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

The other boards you see are the baseboards. We have to have baseboards on our bed because our dog is psychotic and attacks dust ruffles.

We used Rustoleum Dark Walnut stain and Minwax Helmsman Satin Spar Varnish to finish. It’s recommended that you use the same brand stain and top coat but the Minwax Dark Walnut stain was too dark so we decided to go with Rustoleum brand stain and use the Minwax topcoat we already had on hand. We applied the stain with a brush and after seeing how dark it was, we immediately wiped it off with a clean cloth so that the wood grain would show through. If you apply the stain and give it time to soak in, it will appear dark than what you see in our photos.

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

We attached the base boards to the posts using metal brackets.

DIY Poterry Barn Farmhouse Bed |

Kurt also created a center support for the slats below the mattress by screwing the leftover pieces from the posts to a 2×4 that extended the length of the bed. Our bed came out even more amazing and has given us confidence to do more DIY projects.

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed |

If we were to buy this bed from Pottery Barn it would have cost over $1,600. This bed cost us around $250 to build ourselves. The end result is amazing and we love our new DIYstinctly Made bed. The best part is we can say we did it together!


180 thoughts on “DIY Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

      1. I love your bed! I am building on starting next weekend. How many inches did you add to the headboard and footboard?

  1. I really like the additional height of your bed, when you say you added extra inches do you mean only the post/leg length or did you increase the head/footboard panel length?

  2. Hi! Amazing bed, thanks for sharing! I have one question, I’m making the same one and I’m stuck at the part where I need to attach the 2×4 on top of the headboard/footboard, and then the 2×6 on top of that. I see how I can easily glue/screw the 2×4 on top, but then how will I attach the 2×6? Did you just screw it from the top down into the 2×4? That seems to be the way to do it if I’m following correctly, but I worry about this because I’m trying to avoid screw holes and especially on top of the footboard/headboard as they’d be very visible… Any information about this would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

    1. We created one using 3 left over 4×4 posts screwed to a 2×4 that spans the length of the bed. The 4×4 posts are spaced equally along the 2×4. The height of the 4x4s topped with the 2×4 matches the side rails. When placed centrally, it’s the perfect support!

  3. We are planning to tackle this project in the very near future. As I was reading it said you attached the posts to the headboard and footboard, buy I’m wondering how. What is holding the 4x4s to the rides of them?

  4. Hello! By far one of the most beautiful DIY farmhouse beds I’ve found on the Web. I really like the increased height of the head and footboards. Would you mind sharing the length of the panels you used for both the head and footboards? I also noticed that some of your pieces such as the side panels seem to have some rounded edges. Did you sand those or is that how you purchased them at the store? THANK YOU!

    1. Hi, Martina – thank you! We added 3 inches to the headboard and 5 inches to the footboard. We used boards with already rounded edges (but also sanded them to a smooth finish).

  5. How much did you add to the head and footboard? I love how you did yours and want to know how much extra to get and the measurements to changes.

  6. I LOVE this bed, but I wanted to switch to 4×4 posts that stuck out above the top, lIke posts. Can you send me the plans for a California king made with 4x4s? Thank you.

  7. Hi there! I so loved the modifications you made to original plan. I’ve already bought my lumber and then found your post….I really prefer the footboard higher than mattress slightly as youve done as well as the bottom panel lining up with side rails! Just to clarify you did use box spring? Still trying to figure out how mattress is supported. I get the center support you added but then what goes on that ? The insides of side rails don’t have anything attached to hold mattress! Help!

    1. Hi Kristen, sorry for the delayed response! Yes, we do use a box spring! Our side rails do have a 2×2 board attached along the bottom which acts as a ledge for our 1×6 slats to rest upon.

  8. Hey by any chance can you leave the measurement you used for the king size? Because I want to build my bed exactly like this one

  9. Adding my kudos to you. I am totally in awe of your abilities and talent. The bed already looks great; I don’t think a professional furniture builder would have done any better.

  10. How long are your headboard/footboard panels to give the extra height? And did you increase the 4×4 posts as well of leave those original to the plans?

  11. How much height did you add to the posts in inches? Like the way yours looks compared to the others on Ana white website. Thanks!

  12. Your bed is gorgeous! Kudos! Do you remember exactly how many inches you added to the headboard and footboard? I am in the process of planning this same build, and I’m having trouble deciding how tall I want my footboard. I love the look of yours! Thanks in advance!

  13. Sorry to bother you! But ur bed is beautiful. I’m about to this.weekend build this same bed. I was curious on how.many inches u added to get the height u wanted. And the panels are the o my thing that I add the length too is that right

  14. I never got a response from the question I asked, so I thought I’d ask again. What are the measurements you used for the added height on the panels? I really love the look of the extra height.

  15. Looks great! Are you able to share the modifications you made for the headboard/footboard? I love your added height and am interested in learning the measurements you used. Thanks!

  16. Very interested in building this bed. Are the dimensions the same as those used for the bed in the picture? I really like the height of the headboard and foot board.

  17. Hello, I am currently building this bed and am going to add height to the headboard and footboard as well. How much height did you add to the original plans? Thanks in advance.

  18. Beautiful bed! How much did you add to the headboard and footboard? Love the look of yours way more compared to the original plans!

  19. Did you make the night stands? Wondering if there’s a plan or at least measurements for them! Love the combo

  20. hi! lovely job! i built this bed a few yrs ago but now wanting to build again but change it up a bit. i actually want to run the 1×8’s horizontal in the insets instead of vertical and keep everything else the same . what do u think? i found an inspiration pic. lol . it should be pretty easy to figure out 🙂

  21. Do you use a box spring with it? I love the sides you added to it, but we have a box spring and I wondered if it would work with one.

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