Orange Overload


We spent our first weekend of home-ownership painting. Unfortunately, the previous owners had some questionable taste in wall color.

Orange Overload |

Orange Overload |

See what I mean?

We bought a couple of gallons of paint the day before we closed so we’d be ready to immediately start painting once those keys were ours. At the closing, the previous owner ironically said, “If you LOVE our paint colors, we left the leftover gallons in the garage for you!”….. Bless her heart.

We decided to paint the living room Valspar’s Woodlawn Colonial Gray, the perfect light gray with a greenish tint. This paint + primer stuff is the BOMB. One coat covered the dark orange completely! With the help of my brother, Ben, and his wife, Amanda, we painted the entire house in 1 weekend!

Orange Overload |

Orange Overload |

The new paint completely opens the space and makes the floors pop! This wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened… In our house-warming gift basket from Bemanda, was a bag of “We’re Expecting!” M&Ms!!


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