Our DIYstinctly Made Canvas

Our First House & DIY Canvas


We’re the Boehringers (pronounced Beringer…like the wine)! A year ago, my husband’s job brought us from Baton Rouge to the smaller town of Alexandria located in Central Louisiana. When we say we moved to Alexandria for a job, most people can’t believe it. The most common response is “Alexandria!? I’m so sorry…,” or “When are you moving back?” In the beginning, our first response would have been “ASAP!,” but after being here for a year we can honestly say we’ve grown to really like it. Instead of dwelling on the fact that we had to leave our friends and family behind, we decided to make the most of it. If you have a negative outlook, then you will be miserable and have a bad time – end of story.


Lucky for us, we are besties. I know its cliche and everyone says that… but for us, it’s actually true. I can’t tell you how many times a day we laugh until we cry. Several married couples aren’t able to spend most of their time together and genuinely have the best time, but we are. So living in a new town with just us two, isn’t a problem!

Those of you who know us, know that we are basically old persons living in a 20-something’s body. We are in bed every night at LEAST by 8:00PM…and that’s late for us. We wake up at 5:30AM every morning (7:00AM on the weekends) and enjoy relaxing with a cup of coffee. And… we are what you call, CHEAP. We’ve My husband’s always been cheap. I wasn’t when I met him… I spent every dime I earned. But thankfully, he knocked some sense into me in college and we began saving. Saving for what? For LIFE! And thank goodness we did.

After 4 months of living in an old apartment, with a resident who sounded like they were doing aerobics from 12:00 AM- 4:00AM above us, we decided to buy our first house. This is where those savings came into play. We looked at a few, starting with older homes since I was a sucker for the charm and the thought of a fixer-upper, but eventually we settled on a 6 year old home in a family friendly neighborhood (great for resale :)).

Here she is:

Our DIYstinctly Made Canvas

So cute. We love it.

This blog will showcase all the DIY projects that will make this cheap couple’s house, a DIYstinctly Made home.

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